How I Use Fire to Heal

I burn a lot of moxa. I burn little pieces or big chunks directly on the skin of my patients and they love me for it! I hold a burning stick just above their skin and they’ve never felt better!

Now you’re probably thinking…“What the heck is moxa and why would you burn it on me??” 

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Are you eating Food?…or Food-Like-Substances?

Why does real food now need labels like: “organic”, “whole-grain”, “NON-GMO”??? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?…Shouldn’t processed, packaged, modified food-like-substances have the labels: “GMO”, “non-organic”, “processed”? 

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The Girlfriend Perspective (of off-the-grid tiny home living)

If you are spending time with Rob Greenfield, then you are probably spending time in nature. Rob thrives off of a simple and natural environment. I could say the opposite is also true for him, that in an artificially created environment, he is often quite uncomfortable.

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Cheryl Davies

About Cheryl Davies

With a passion for healing, Cheryl Davies is a kind soul, who cares for all living things. She believes that by helping others, she can make a positive change in the world. With a BA background in Art adding to her creative healing nature, Cheryl began her work in 2001, as a licensed skin care therapist in New York. Since then, she has been trained in many modalities of Massage Therapy, including: Circulatory, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Tui Na (chinese medical massage). Since 2014, Cheryl completed her studies of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in San Diego and received the California state License to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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