10 Tips For Natural Skin Care

It’s no secret anymore, natural health care is rapidly becoming the more desired option over conventional ways. This includes skin care, diet, medication vs. plant medicinals, acupuncture and ayurveda vs. western doctors…after decades of health problems worsening, we are finally waking up to the realization that, things were better when they were more natural.

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Less is More

Fewer possessions means having less things to manage. I’ve always enjoyed being organized and more recently, living more as a minimalist. It’s been a natural progression for me to slowly downsize my personal belongings. Having belongings can be a slippery slope, because the more things you have, the more you are likely to keep adding.

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The Natural Skin Care Truth -by an Esthetician

During the past 16 years of experience as a skin care professional, I have worked with hundreds of cases. What I have found is that most times, the skin surface is a reflection of the inside of the body. When there is a disruption of normal skin health, such as acne, rashes or discoloration, it is vital to examine one’s personal lifestyle to find the possible root of the problem.

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