AcuRhythms is a unique event combining group Acupuncture and vibrational sound bath healing.

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Cheryl Davies L.Ac. and Najah Abdus-Salaam L.Ac., based in California, created these events to bring healing to a new level. With a maximum group of 20 participants, Cheryl and Najah design an Acupuncture treatment that is unique to each event and concurrent with the environmental season. As practitioners of Chinese Medicine, they use the poetic nature-influenced therapy to this extraordinary healing experience. By calming the mind, the physical body feels soothed and can relax into deep tranquility. They address the emotional strains of daily life and believe that by giving the mind a rest, the body will become strengthened. In a group setting, the treatment is amplified by the collective energy of each individual receiving treatment.

During the Acupuncture session, various musicians will use vibrational instruments to provide sound healing. Crystal singing bowls, Gongs, Hang Drum, Violin, Guitar, Didgeridoo and others are used during different events. The combination of the vibrational sound intensifies the Acupuncture treatment and allows each participant to feel a complete peaceful bliss of the body and mind in a meditative healing environment. Each individual responds different to sound healing and the effects of the vibrations can last for days after the treatment. Since sound travels through liquid better than air, the vibrations are FELT before they are heard.

We believe that YOU have the power to heal yourself, WE are your guides. Experience healing bliss with us.

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