Stretch for a Better Life

I used to suffer with stiff neck pain chronically. It wasn’t until I visited a massage therapist and received my first deep tissue massage that everything changed. I was regularly waking up with a β€œkink” in my neck and forced to go about my day unable to turn my head to either side. The reason this happens,

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My Volunteer Experience

As we arrived at our first clinic location, I noticed about 40 inquisitive faces on the patients who were already waiting for us. After riding through hilly rural roads, we pulled up our dusty van and began to unload all of our mobile clinic supplies. That day, we set up in a school classroom. There were many curious looks from the group of tanned Guatemalans who on average are all at least a foot shorter than me. I caught myself staring back at them, dressed in their brightly colored and best traditional garments. I began to stumble out the few Spanish words I knew, although Spanish being their second language also it wasn’t easy for anyone. For many, this was their first time ever receiving medical care. As we treated 85 patients that day in the dry heat of a village near Quiche, I knew I was beginning something that would change my life. Β 

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